OBD2 for AA

by Emil Borconi Szedressy

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The first Torque Pro OBD2 data plugin to support Android Auto.
Small and handy plugin for Torque to display real time car data while using Android Auto as well as showing speed camera alerts.

- Multiple reports of not working on Samsung devices!!!

Instructions on how to use:
1) Install

2) Make sure you do not have any other 3rd party app Android Auto app installed.

3) Open the app and hopefully it will be quite self explanatory on how to set it up (choose colours, set gauge number, etc)

4) Open Android Auto (on the phone), go to About, tap the "About Android Auto" header 10 times, once you are a developer from the 3 dotted right corner menu select "Start Headunit Server" (ROOT users can skip this step!)

5) Close Android Auto

6) MAKE SURE YOUR SCREEN IS UNLOCKED and connect to the car, when prompted which app to use select "OBD2AA" and always (this needs to be done one time only) - If you are a HUR user select Android Auto and always!
If you do not see the prompt to chose, please go to settings -> apps -> all apps -> Google Play Services -> Clear Defaults and then try again

7) Select the last tab on the right, by pressing it again you should see an app selector and choose OBD2AA

8) Give it a bit of time to start pulling the data from Torque.

- Some users have reported choppy audio when using the app, this will mainly be due to the speed of the phone, the buffer on the car/headunit and other factors which are out of my control, if that is the case and you cannot use the app please feel free to contact me for a refund.
- Bluetooth Audio output might not work on all devices, it does depend how the car/headunit handles the Bluetooth. There will be devices which completely disable A2DP/Bluetooth capabilities of the car when Android Auto is running. In this case all the sound will be heard from the phone speaker rather then the car speakers.
- Tap limit will be disabled only for cars/headunits which are equipped with a GPS.
- In rare cases it can happen that after unplugging the phone from the headunit you will see a message which says that you are still connected to Android Auto, simply Force Stop the Google Play Services.
- You always need to make sure that Headunit Server is running on the phone (unless you have root), if the icon bothers you simply hide it.

Version 3.3 on 11.04.2018


3.5 MB

From 3.2:
- Fix "drunk" map effect on Sync 3 units
- Fixed rooted devices not being able to start headunit server.
- Added option to change DPI for your screen!

From 3.3
- Added option to auto play music on start
- Added option to select default start screen.

Version 3.4 Beta 3 on 01.18.2019


4.7 MB

- Updated French language
- Downgraded protobuf3 to protobuf2 (should fix compatibility with some cars / units)
- Made some changes for cleaner shutdown (should reduce numbers of Headunit Server getting stuck)
- White-listed GM app.

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  • by Tenga_92 on 06.12.2019
    Very good app!!! All works perfectly! Tpms crash the app (stable version)

  • by J4n0sch on 04.28.2019
    V. 3.3 works perfectly with Sony Xperia Xcompact and Sony XAV-AX100. Beta Version otherwise is closing when choosing from "App selector menu"

  • by 12preschph on 04.19.2019
    Doesn't work with Pixel 3 and 17 VW GTI

  • by Mond31 on 04.13.2019
    Sur mon r-link et samsung s7 nouveau koléos la fonction tactile sur l'écran ne marche pas ? Je comprends pas que chez certains ça marche

  • by Tomac666 on 04.03.2019
    Works with a Google Pixel with an obdator Mini Bluetooth scanner and a Sony XAV-AX3005. The car is an Opel Zafira B OPC (2007).

  • by Stefano.fas on 04.04.2019

  • by Yannickdev on 03.05.2019
    Fonctionne parfaitement avec galaxy S7 et vitara boosterjet 2017. Merci

  • by seppbrandy on 02.18.2019
    Hyundai Tucson 2018 is not working with Huawei mate 10 pro. When I connect the phone on the car unit it says that the phone is not responding and the AA icon is gray. On the phone it says that AA is connected. Thanks for the effort.

  • by xtrabart on 02.22.2019
    Working on Galaxy 7 with Torque Pro and Rlink2 Renault V7

  • by Bluss-xxl on 04.01.2019
    work on my Galaxy a5 2017 and Galaxy S9 wird Beta version