S20 Refresh Rate Controller

by SatySatsZB

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4.86 (21 Ratings)
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Simple app to change S20/S20+/S20 Ultra Refresh rate (96HZ/120HZ) without ADB. Thanks to Max Weinbach for finding this tweak and Rohit Shetty for testing this app.

This app also includes 2 qs tiles for setting 96hz and 120hz. Check in your quick settings panel to add them.

If you like this app, try #hex installer for theming your S20. Available on Play Store.

Info: This app targets older android sdk in order to set refresh rates without ADB requirement. Ignore the dialog that says "This app was built for an older version of Android...."

Git Repo : https://github.com/SatySatsZB/S20RefreshRateControl

Version 1.0 on 03.30.2020


134.4 kB

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