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🏆 Golden Globe Tigers Winner 2019: Best Mobile Security Product 🏆

miFon is the best in class Android Anti Theft App which ensures you will never lose your phone.

It is by far the most comprehensive phone anti-theft app as it includes several tools that keep your precious phone as well as information protected and even offers personal security:

✔ ✔ ✔ miFon AUTOX ensures complete peace of mind by automating critical things you need to be done at your phone, from anywhere & securely to theft proof your phone. Just install and set it up once to stay protected. It will handle anti-theft protection and automatic data backups, as well as allow you to easily locate or remote control it without any security risks.

✔ ✔ miFon SMX allows you to be in full control with just an SMS. Unlike most others, miFon works without internet also. Reliability even in most challenging mobile network coverage.

✔ miFon Smart SOS Distress Mode further gives you the peace of mind that you can smartly & securely alert your selected contacts, in case of any personal emergency by sending an SMS Emergency Alert and also ringing their phones, even if set to silent mode.

Here are the features that help miFon stand up from the crowd:

✔ Best Anti-theft App 
In the unfortunate event that your phone gets stolen, you can rely on this full security suite to get it back. You’ll be able to get a thief’s photo, keep track of where it is and even have full control over it from anywhere in the world this makes miFon the best in class anti theft app. 

✔ AutoX Smart Automation
In today’s digital life, the phone contains valuable personal data and all of these can be safeguarded using miFon autoX feature, which you set up once and will automatically backup up all your valuable SMS, Photos etc securely.

✔ Smart SOS Distress Mode
Best way to seek help in personal emergencies. Invoking SOS Distress Mode will alert your preset contacts automatically and they will get an SMS alert as well it will make their phone ring a siren, even if it is set to silent mode (Requires MIFON app on their phones to ring the siren).

✔Remote mobile siren app
Reliable remote control Retain full control over your phone from anywhere in the world, as long as miFon is installed on it. You can ring your mobile siren with our remote siren feature. Just send an SMS and ring your siren remotely. Great way to find your phone when misplaced or lost.

✔ Remote phone lock app
If you misplace your phone or its stolen then you can customize your lock screen remotely. You can change the lock password and put custom lock message on the phone screen. Get mifon to find your stolen app.

✔ Remote Selfie App (Thiefie)
If your phone gets stolen and someone tries to open it unauthorized way, miFon triggers selfie automatically for you and will be sent to your email so you know who is trying to access your phone. Get remote selfie app to protect your phone. With remote selfie, it is very easy to track your stolen or lost phone. 

Major Activities You can do with our Anti Theft Lost Phone & Personal Security Suite
App are 
✪ Find Lost or Misplaced Phone using just an SMS to wail a Siren 
✪ Set up once & Automated Phone Data Backups SMS, Photos etc
✪ Smart SOS Distress Mode for Personal Emergencies 
✪ Remote phone lock using SMS and Display Lost Message on Lost or Misplaced Phone using SMS
✪ Remote Selfie of Unauthorised Users 

Note MIFON needs your specific permissions for accessing phone IMEI, device ID, SIM IMSI for securing your phone. 

miFon also needs Device Administrator permission to provide enhanced security.

Feel free to share your feedback to help us make miFon the best mobile anti theft app that fits your needs:

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Version 11.17 on 07.12.2019


22.7 MB

SMS Controls are Restored

Version 11.17 on 07.12.2019


22.7 MB

SMS Controls are Restored

Version 11.17 on 07.12.2019


22.7 MB

SMS Controls are Restored

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