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What can be remapped?
ONLY HARDWARE buttons can be remapped.

There is NO GUARANTEE any of these buttons will work and this app isn't designed to control games. Your device's OEM/vendor can prevent them from being remapped.

* Volume buttons.
* Navigation buttons.
* Bluetooth/wired keyboards.
* Buttons on other connected devices should also work.
* Nintendo Switch JoyCons.

You can combine multiple keys from a specific device or any device to form a "trigger". Each trigger can have multiple actions. The keys can be setto be pressed at the same time or one after another in a sequence. Keys can be remapped when they are short pressed, long pressed or double pressed. A keymap can have a set of "constraints" so it only has an effect in certain situations.

What can’t be remapped?
* Pixel Active Edge
* OnePlus Alert Slider
* Power button
* Bixby button

Your key maps don't work if the screen is OFF.

What can I remap my keys to do?
Some actions will only work on rooted devices and specific Android versions.

* Open an app
* Open an app shortcut. This feature is very useful since you can tell another app to do something Key Mapper can’t. E.g If your launcher has a shortcut to open the app drawer, you can select that shortcut in this app and make any button open the app drawer.
* Open a URL
* Go back
* Go home
* Open recents
* Open menu
* Toggle split screen (Android 7.0+)
* Expand notification drawer
* Expand quick settings
* Collapse status bar
* Toggle/enable/disable WiFi (ROOT only for Android 10+)
* Toggle/enable/disable Bluetooth
* Toggle/enable/disable mobile data (ROOT only)
* Toggle Play/pause media
* Pause/play media
* Fast forward/rewind
* Next/previous track
* Volume up/down
* Increase/decrease a specific volume stream
* Show the volume dialog
* Cycle through and change the ringer mode
* Mute/unmute/toggle mute (Android 6.0+)
* Toggle/enable/disable auto-rotate
* Switch between portrait and landscape mode
* Force portrait/landscape mode
* Toggle/enable/disable auto-brightness
* Increase/decrease brightness
* Toggle/enable/disable flashlight (Android 6.0+)
* Toggle/enable/disable airplane mode (ROOT only)
* Toggle/enable/disable a dnd mode (Android 6.0+)
* Switch between vibrate and ring
* Take a screenshot (Android 9.0+)
* Open the Voice Assistant
* Open the Device Assistant
* Open camera
* Consume key event. (Do nothing)
* Lock the device
* Show the power dialog (Android 5.0+)
* Move the cursor to the end of a file
* Toggle, show and hide the keyboard
* Show the keyboard picker (ROOT only for Android 8.1+)
* Change the keyboard (ROOT only)

The Key Mapper keyboard needs to be selected for these to work and you can’t use a soft keyboard at the same time:
* Input a specific keycode
* Input a key
* Insert a block of text

What other things can the app do?
* Option to show a persistent notification which can pause/resume your keymaps.
* Automatically change the keyboard to the Key Mapper one and/or show the keyboard picker when a chosen Bluetooth device is connected and switch back to the old one when it is disconnected.
* Quick settings to pause/resume keymaps and toggle the Key Mapper keyboard.

You don't have to grant all the permissions for the app to work. The app will tell you if a permission needs to be granted for a feature to work.

* Accessibility Service: Basic requirement for remapping to work. It is needed so the app can listen to and block keyevents.
* Device Admin: To turn the screen off when using the action to turn off the screen.
* Modify System Settings: To change the brightness and rotation settings.
* Camera: To control the flashlight.

On some devices, enabling the accessibility service will disable "enhanced data encryption".


Version 2.0.0 on 07.22.2020


3.1 MB

- Dark mode! 🕶
- A keymap can have multiple actions.
- Triggers
- 2 modes. The keys can all be pressed at the same time or one after another in a sequence.
- Keys can be limited to a specific external device, any device or the device the app is installed on.
- Double press support.
- Constraints. Keymaps can be restricted to only work in certain situations. Constraints can be mixed in OR mode or AND mode.
- App in foreground
- App not in foreground
- Bluetooth device connected
- Bluetooth device not connected
- Screen on/off (ROOT only).

- Actions
- Toggle/enable/disable a Do Not Disturb mode (Android 6.0+).
- Toggle/enable/disable airplane mode (ROOT only).
- Switch between vibrate and ring.
- Launch the device assistant rather than the voice assistant.
- Take screenshots on rooted devices older than Pie.
- Can now have unique repeat options and any action is allowed to be repeated now.
- Show the keycode number when picking a Keycode action.

- Renamed "Repeat Delay" to "Repeat Rate".
- Renamed "Hold Down Delay" to "Repeat Delay"
- Modifier keys now affect Key and Keycode actions.
- Option to vibrate twice for long press actions. Once when initially pressing the keys and again when the action is performed.
- Option for keymaps with volume key triggers to be detected when the screen is off (ROOT only).
- Option to stop repeating an action when the trigger is pressed again.
- Button in the homescreen menu to resume/pause keymaps and enable the accessibility service.
- Setting to hide the alerts at the top of the homescreen.
- Notification to toggle the Key Mapper keyboard.
- Quick Settings to toggle the Key Mapper keyboard and pause/resume keymaps.
- Duplicate keymaps.
- Screen to configure keymaps is more optimised for very large screens.
- Preference to switch to and from the Key Mapper keyboard when pausing/resuming keymaps.
- The option to show the "performing action" toast has been moved to a toggle in each keymap.
- The long press delay, double press timeout, sequence trigger timeout, action repeat delay, hold-down delay until actions are repeated and vibrate delay can be changed per keymap.
- Keymaps which have modifier key actions now affect other keymaps and keys which aren't mapped.
- Link to the Discord server in About.

Bug Fixes
- App Shortcut actions now work properly!
- The code base has completely changed so some bugs in 1.1.7 could have been fixed.

- Keymaps can only have one trigger. Any keymaps with multiple triggers will be split up into multiple keymaps.

- The in-app logger. Send Android bug reports instead.
- Showing the Input Method picker on Android 10 and newer because Android dropped support.

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  • by KuronekoFS on 03.30.2019
    とても使いやすくできるアプリです。私はキーボードとマウスをよく繋げて使うのでとても便利です。 This app is very useful because I often use the keyboard and mouse.

  • by mindlery on 08.21.2019
    Love this! Volume down, torch. Volume up, auto rotate. Obliterates every app out there. Works on lock screen. So, quick power button tap and functional. No need to have eyes on your screen at night when you need the torch. BOOM! Also got vol up for rotation toggle. Can't go without this app.