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If downloading the APK directly you need to allow unknown sources in Auto,

- In the Android Auto app, tap the Hamburger menu.
- Tap About.
- Tap About Android Auto header 10 times, until a toast appears thar says "Developer mode enabled". Now you can access developer mode by selecting the overflow menu dots on the top right of the handheld screen.
- Select Developer settings from the overflow menu and check unknown sources.

How does it work?
By using the notification listener permission, the app is able to access the media session of any audio app that is running. This is then passed to Android Auto, which makes it possible to control as any normal Auto app. This also means that it is necessary to run the audio app(s) first before running Auto.


- Setup AnyAutoAudio from the app

- Open and run music app(s)

- Run Android Auto from phone or dashboard


AnyAutoAudio needs the Notification access permission to access the session of the playing music app.

Version 0.1.1 on 08.28.2017


1.5 MB

Fixed Play update issue

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Other Apps by Developer
  • by seludi on 03.28.2018
    Dont Works in the Car. The Screen is Black. On the Phone it Works fine.

  • by WDawn on 01.02.2018
    Works great!

  • by Nacho~ on 01.28.2018
    Works very well! Only thing not working is the play/pause button on the headunit after a track is playing. I always have to do this on the phone itself. I've only tested the function with the siriusxm app, so I'm not sure if it happens with others.

  • by Metalspree on 08.28.2017
    Love the app and it's functionality. Now I can use Poweramp in Android auto.

  • by Allstar007 on 01.17.2018
    Hello there is no update? What I would wish would be if you could do more setting in the app and search the tracks from the radio like google music directly. but I'm so happy with the app.

  • by arjun2312 on 08.27.2017
    Perfect app for me, the new update is bug free and let me enjoy all my music on android auto

  • by socheat78 on 10.19.2017
    Hope that there is a solution to Apple Music

  • by girthmaul on 08.13.2018
    Great, SoundCloud works

  • by KN2014GE on 08.24.2018
    Fantastic for YouTube Music !