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The Non root version of YouTube Vanced available on XDA Labs. More information about the mod can be found on the xda thread. Make sure to install MicroG for Vanced if you want to login.
Stable = Dark
Beta = Black (Amoled)
Other than that there are no differences.

Version 14.10.53 on 03.21.2019


76.1 MB

- Based on Youtube 14.10.53 BETA
- Preferred speed crash fix (for 14.08.50 beta and above)
- Auto Repeat fix for 14.09.xx to 14.10.53 beta
- Preferred quality setting fix
- Updated Croatian translations
- Updated Greek translations
- Updated Hungarian translations
- Updated Italian translations
- Updated Korean translations

Known Issues:

- Preferred resolution won't show up as selected in the settings
dialog until it has actually changed. However it will show up
as selected in the resolution selection list.


Version 14.06.54B on 02.17.2019


75.5 MB

Bunch of stuff, find it all on discord

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