Assistant Volume Control

by Mishaal Rahman

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One Handed Mode

This application allows you to set a separate volume level for Google Assistant. The purpose for this is to ensure that even if your media volume is muted, you'll always be able to hear what Assistant has to say when you speak to it.

- Set a separate volume level for Assistant
- Toggle to respect silent mode
- Set a media volume threshold over which this app won't override the media volume

This app requires enabling an Accessibility Service in order to monitor when Google Assistant is active. You will of course need Google Assistant working for this to even have any use.

I made this app using Tasker with Tasker App Factory, so the UI isn't too pretty. It may even look a bit funky on some resolutions. I doubt you'll spend much time staring at the UI, though, but if it bothers you there's an excellent paid alternative on the Play Store called Volume Control for Assistant.

Version 1.1 on 07.24.2017


2.4 MB

- New app icon
- Updated the text size and layout so it hopefully looks better
- Restored settings on boot
- New first time setup screen

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One Handed Mode

  • by FLYL90 on 01.07.2018
    Need to be able to reset the volume to the original level after talking to the assistant, otherwise music will go full blast afterward.

  • by kibria.mgk on 04.20.2018
    The max volume level is 15. So, if I customize my media volume level to increase upto 30, the app can set upto volume 15, which is not convenient. Please add custom level of volume thay can be increased or decreased.

  • by Roerbakeitje on 09.05.2018
    Dont work in landscape mode. Great app in normal mode

  • by S1XXV on 12.11.2017
    This was working great on my Nexus 5X but isn't working at all on my pixel 2 XL. Anybody know why?

  • by RockwellB1 on 08.07.2019
    Works great, even on a Note 9 with Pie. My only complaint is that it doesn't lower the volume when done. So the next app I open is blasting loud.

  • by rf69 on 07.03.2017
    Great use of Tasker's App Factory, i have the same profile set up on Tasker.. Note - I tested your app & I’m unable to read the labels (they are cut off)..

  • by rm83855 on 09.18.2017
    Everytime I'm listening to music and open the Google app my music suddenly blasts out at full volume... Nearly had a heart attack a few times haha. Are you aware of this issue/ have a fix on the way? Thanks

  • by Strephon Alkhalikoi on 07.25.2017
    Works perfectly to fix a dumb move on Google's part.

  • by gian569 on 08.19.2019
    Works well, but please increase the number of volume steps: in MIUI, 15 is not the maximum.

  • by lucaboox on 08.27.2017
    Does not seem to work for me I don't really know why....