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by Soren Stoutner

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Privacy Browser
$ 1.0

Privacy Browser has two primary goals.

1. Minimize the amount of information that is sent to the internet.

2. Minimize the amount of information that is stored on the device.

Most browsers silently give websites massive amounts of information that allows them to track you and compromise your privacy. Websites and ad networks use technologies like JavaScript, cookies, DOM storage, user agents, and many other things to uniquely identify each user and track them between visits and across the web.

In contrast, privacy sensitive features are disabled by default in Privacy Browser. If one of these technologies is required for a website to function correctly, the user may choose to turn it on for just that visit. Or, they can use domain settings to automatically turn on certain features when entering a specific website and turn them off again when leaving.

Privacy Browser Free contains all the features of Privacy Browser. The only difference is the banner ad across the bottom of the screen.

Privacy Browser currently uses Android’s built-in WebView to render web pages. As such, it works best when the latest version of WebView is installed (see In the 4.x series, Privacy Browser will switch to a forked version of Android’s WebView called Privacy WebView that will allow for advanced privacy features.

Warning: Android KitKat (version 4.4.x, API 19) ships an older version of OpenSSL, which is susceptible to MITM (Man In The Middle) attacks when browsing websites that use outdated protocols and cipher suites. More information about this issue is available at

• Integrated EasyList ad blocking.
• Tor Orbot proxy support.
• SSL certificate pinning.
• Import/export of settings and bookmarks.

Version 3.2 on 07.20.2019


12.6 MB

• Change the default search engine and homepage to Startpage.
• Fix proxying through Orbot on recent versions of WebView.
• Create UltraList.
• Fix a problem with blocklists sometimes blocking the main URL.
• Update Facebook URL modification.
• Fix domain settings problems when navigating history.
• Always disable the screen timeout when watching a full screen video.
• Add touch feedback and make it easier to tap the close and add tab buttons.
• Load tabs from the context menus in the background.
• Add an option to save a webpage as an image.
• Improve keyboard support in full screen browsing mode.
• Update the request headers in View Source.
• Fix a number of crashes.
• Updated German translation provided by Bernhard G. Keller.
• Updated Italian translation provided by Francesco Buratti.
• Updated Russian translation.
• Updated Spanish translation provided by Jose A. León.
• Updated Turkish translation.

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Privacy Browser
$ 1.0

  • by abhijitr.s on 08.04.2018
    I can't take my page back if I try the app complete comes back not that page

  • by retrol on 02.04.2019
    The reason why you've issues using back and forward is because the default settings sets the browser in Incognito Mode, turn it off if you want history functionality... Awesome browser!

  • by Spookymyo on 09.28.2017
    Why does this need wake lock permissions? Other browsers don't!