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Kokotime is a simple, free and elegantly designed media-center that will let you watch all your favorite media content in a unique and elegant user friendly design. Equipped with unique features like Universal Cast and video player side drawer Kokotime will give you a unique media experience. Kokotime also has a Chromecast remote so you can cast your content to your Chromecast in app.
You can also browse your files using the in app file manager and Kokotime will also index and organize your local media. In addition Kokotime has an M3u parser so users can add their M3u playlists and play them using the built in player which supports zapping between playlist content (Double click to zap).

Kokotime also supports add-ons to load media libraries or load media from your local server or a public media service and display them in a unique layout while also displaying extra information in a beautiful design, a documentation on add-on creation is available on our website for developers who want to contribute.

The app is still in development and more content is added each update. If you have any requests for features you would like to be added on future updates feel free to contact us.

If you are having trouble setting up Kokotime make sure to check our help page for a small tutorial and FAQ at :

Donations are more than welcome :

Kokotime does not contain any content what so ever. This means that you should provide your own content from a local or remote storage location, DVD, Blu-Ray or any other media carrier that you own. Additionally Kokotime allows you to install third-party plugins that may provide access to content that is freely available on the official content provider website. Any other means of watching illegal content which would otherwise be paid for is not endorsed or approved by Kokotime.

- Kokotime does not supply or include any media or content.
- Users must provide their own content or install one of the third party plug-ins
- Kokotime has no affiliation with any third-part plug-in or add-on provider what so ever.
- We do not endorse the streaming of copyright protected material without permission of the copyright holder.

Version 2.1.13 on 01.17.2018


27.8 MB

+ Added TV show indexing for local library, your local shows will now be organized by season and genre in the My Shows section (Make sure to check our website to find out about show naming conventions)
+ Local/Url chromecast/webcast can now be done from a browser when opening a video url or from your filemanager, chromecast/webcast will now appear
as an option when you attempt to open a video file with your device
+ Fixed some translation issues
+ Fixed fast forward/rewind sometimes not working with media buttons
+ New alert dialog design dialog for prompting user with response button
+ Added manual force indexing in settings, to be used with caution, the app already indexes automatically
+ Changed some indexing algorithms for faster and lower network consumption indexing and also fixed unecessary file indexing triggers
+ Fixed chromecast/webcast issues and bugs
+ Added click response to the new in app notification system
+ Fixed some bugs on the built in webbrowser which is used on devices that dont have a browser when opening links
+ Fixed some video-player bugs
+ Lower battery consumption on videoplayer
+ Lots of bug fixes here and there

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