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## We're in this together

> Fight COVID-19. Stay at home. Save lives.

A robot running on your Android device.

This is an open source project that you can find on Github (

The app provided from xda-labs are the latest stable version. Revenues generated will be used to help the author to improve its future stability and user experience. You can still download the latest version from GitHub release page.

Please visit to submit and discuss issues regarding this project.

Telegram SMS is licensed under BSD 3-Clause License.

CodeauxLib is licensed under BSD 3-Clause License.Thank Sumi Makito

Copyright of the artwork belongs to @walliant ( Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

## Features

- Forward SMS to Telegram.

- Monitor missed calls.

- Monitor device battery power changes.

- Send ussd request.

- Remote control via chat command or SMS.

## User manual

- [English](
- [简体中文](用户手册)
- [繁體中文](用戶手冊)
- [日本語](マニュアル)

Version master-9f0749d7 on 07.04.2020


7.3 MB

- Fix ANR caused by analyzing SMS verification code(Limit the analysis of text messages larger than 140 words)

- Add the function of transmitting configuration through QR code

- Fix unstable battery management issues

- Fix translation issues

- Fix the bug that some messages are sent incorrectly

- Add about page

- Implement dual card ussd

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  • by tangbao on 11.05.2019
    I am very honorable to write the first review of this great APP. I am using the free version of this APP for years. It is stable and convenient for me because I have multiple phone numbers and also some old phones. This APP can utilize your old phones to build a TG Bot that forward the messages to your TG. Again, a great APP! 太高兴了哈哈哈我是第一个评论的,我用了快一年了太好用了,而且贼稳定。有多个手机号但是不方便带出门的人士必备!

  • by RmznDndr on 11.10.2019
    what a great app! I suggest you to give a try.