ViPER4Android FX

by Team DeWitt

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4.41 (115 Ratings)
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Many users are enhancing their smartphone audio experience with the popular ViPER4Android software, just like us. But some of use have a hard time installing the driver, or they don't like the theme. As a solution for all these troubles we have rewritten almost all of the app source, added all features, added driver compatibility for and much, much more. Make sure to check out the features list for details.
After half a year of active development we proudly present you ViPER4Android!

Version on 05.24.2018


5.3 MB


Version on 04.09.2018


5.6 MB

- Fix FC while installing the driver
- Add root check before installing the driver
- Removed lucky patcher check
- Capitalized driver status outputs
- Updated strings

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  • by brandonpa on 12.13.2018
    I used it a long time ago when I had my Galaxy S4 and was routed. I have not had a rooted phone in over four years and was not able to use it. However, when I got the pixel 3 I was able to root it and, initially, it didn't work, however, it finally does and it feels awesome to be able to use this program again. Thanks a lot for such a wonderful equalizer program and I will continue to use it as long as you make it to an updated.

  • by know.i.dee on 11.19.2018
    Brilliant ; Used for years . I'm a self proclaimed audiophile & the key to tuning is to be subtle. This caters for my needs perfectly For those struggling to install ; head to settings & change mode from normal to compatible ,No need to download driver. Restart & within your chosen audio app (i use black player & Power Amp) head to settings or EQ / Audio FX & select stock EQ

  • by kasperjohnallenjr on 11.08.2018
    The driver just continuously downloads. It's been 4 hours and 8 have unlimited 4g LTE data.

  • by nargy69 on 11.09.2018
    Continuously installing driver Nothing happens

  • by Tibalt on 10.31.2018
    Installing the driver continuously (P20 PRO CLT-L09 EMUI 8. 1.0)

  • by wtfcnsk on 11.09.2018
    Infinity download driver (( Pocophone F1 miui 10beta, driver not installed for Android 9 pie, Poco f1, region India set up...

  • by cbx572 on 09.17.2018
    Veryvery good!!! Thank you!!!

  • by walockon on 09.24.2018
    thankyou so much!

  • by tarllis on 11.19.2018

  • by mavid26 on 06.20.2018
    Ever since im using this. Thank you Viper