ViPER4Android FX

by Team DeWitt

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4.54 (216 Ratings)
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Many users are enhancing their smartphone audio experience with the popular ViPER4Android software, but some of us have a hard time installing the driver or they don't like the look of the app. As a solution for these troubles we have rewritten the app source and added all features to it. Many more features have been implemented too.
With our huge success of ViPER4Android 2.6 we decided to completely rewrite the ViPER4Android app in Kotlin. This allowed us to squeeze out the remaining bugs and clean up the code even more. After a long time of waiting for you and developing for us, ViPER4Android 2.7 is finally here!
There are many new features and improvements compared to 2.6, of which some can be found in the changelog. Hit the download button to check it out yourself!

Version on 05.02.2019


2.9 MB

- Support magisk 19.1+
- Fixed preset not loading
- Fixed multiple driver install loops
- Add compatibility mode back (needed for car mode)
- Add session attaching logic

Release notes:


Version on 05.24.2018


5.3 MB


Version on 04.09.2018


5.6 MB

- Fix FC while installing the driver
- Add root check before installing the driver
- Removed lucky patcher check
- Capitalized driver status outputs
- Updated strings

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  • by Khay Elhaya on 08.18.2019

  • by xray7049 on 08.01.2019
    Littery this is the Best Eq app in History

  • by lee2019 on 08.12.2019
    The best audio equalizer out there. It works perfectly, it's simple and easy to install. Thumbs up to the developer for this wonderful and amazing mod...!!!!

  • by FbDev on 07.28.2019

  • by Mateoab on 05.29.2019
    Love Viper, working on mi 6x with havoc os and mi in ear pro 2 hd

  • by blyatdavai on 05.20.2019
    A must for rooted devices👍

  • by anynomus on 05.08.2019
    Loved it!

  • by zoragas on 03.12.2019
    Perfect!! The only app ive waited for a long time

  • by 7vil4 on 04.09.2019
    Sound awesome on my Phone (bq Aquaris x with lineageos ), but i have a warning from the Google playstore saying it is a malware, probably a false positive since i got it from xda-dev

  • by 5hur4if on 03.29.2019
    downloaded the driver and rebooted.. but still shows no driver found msg.. my device is Lenovo k53a48 rooted , xpossed. is the dolby inside my device causing this problem..?? I've used the viperfx in a custom rom on the same device .that is the reason im giving you 4 🌟