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* Your warranty is now void.
* I am not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, corrupted partition, nuclear disasters
* Please do some research before using this mod!
* YOU are choosing to make these modifications,
* If you point the finger at me for messing up your device, I will laugh at you.

L Speed is a modification that combines tweaks inside an intuitive application, the main goal of the tweaks is to improve performance, reduce stutters and lags, and expands battery life.
The mod will and should work on any device that meets its minimum requirement.
You only need a rooted Android device, Android 4.0 and later is needed for L Speed app to function properly.

PS: Please connect to the forum on XDA for assistance if you have a problem through the forum discussion button...
- Thank you

Version v1.4.23-beta2 on 10.14.2017


5.4 MB

- Updated spinners
- Fixed some fc-ing
- Updated background services
- Added snackbars for animation scale
- Updated Russian translation

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Other Apps by Developer
  • by MaCianz on 08.19.2019
    Great kernel tuner!

  • by GOwithGOD on 01.17.2018
    God send app!

  • by tsongming on 05.17.2018
    Excellent tool, that provides l of the tweaking you would want

  • by jimmy19742 on 09.23.2017
    Love it!Works smoothly on CM 13 & Lenovo A3500HV but be careful! It's powerful!

  • by DMPHOZA on 09.13.2017
    This is the best app in the world if you have low end device.

  • by marcelojfa on 10.01.2017
    Love It. Congratulations.

  • by mursederp on 09.08.2017
    I'm running candy7 rom on my OPO. I've noticed this app has given me better RAM management. And better battery life. Than you and keep up the good work

  • by Derek.Quiram on 10.21.2017
    Must have. Great app.

  • by Floodland on 09.14.2017
    Great job, could be perfect if it provide details about each tweak by long pressing the text instead of having to browse elsewhere for information about it. Thank you

  • by francos21 on 09.11.2017
    The best app to enhance your phone performances and to avoid recharching your phone too much. Thank you Paget 😉