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Find the best Black Wallpapers. Download all dark background images for free.

Most people know the display is one of the most battery-hungry elements of any smartphone, but what they don't know is that the wallpaper they choose – yes, wallpaper – can make a significant difference to battery life. A pure black or generally dark-colored wallpaper or background can actually save power over a lighter one.
Optimize the battery use of an AMOLED panel use black backgrounds and themes wherever possible. Got it. How about LCDs? The answer to this question is also simple, though the rationale is far more complicated. Surprisingly, white (or really any bright color) is actually the most power efficient — though marginally so.
Darker backdrops AMOLED wallpaper application is stacked with an interesting and innovative gathering of Black, Amoled and dim Backgrounds and backdrops. Make your portable emerge with superb Black backdrops and Background. Every last backdrop is one of a kind in its own specific manner. Give an extraordinary look to your gadget utilizing this black amoled wallpaper application now.
Will It Save Battery Life?
if you use a black background on an AMOLED display, your display will produce less light. This will help save battery power, squeezing more battery life out of your device.Black amoled wallpaper application is a pure black wallpaper to use the least display power possible on an LED display. By installing “AMOLED WALLPAPERS APP” you will get premium collection of high resolution dark wallpapers. These dark wallpapers look amazing on home screen plus they’ll reduce the power consumption which results less power consumption for your Android device & increase screen on time up to 15%.

Features available on Black AMOLED Wallpaper app:

-- Completely free.
-- Material Design.
-- Possible to download and share the wallpapers.
-- Add black wallpapers to favourites and use as offline.
-- Option to crop the dark wallpaper before applying.
-- Option to filter the black wallpapers based on the category.
--Option to start a slideshow of dark wallpapers.
--What's more, Much more choices like Share, Save, Crop, Setting as a backdrop, and squeeze to zoom as well.
--Well organized categories and daily updation for black dark wallpapers.
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Minor Bug Fix.

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