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Kiwi Browser

What is Kiwi Browser ?
- Kiwi Browser is a Chromium Canary that includes performance improvements and adblock.

- What's this browser for ?
Imagine a grumpy grand-pa, and that's how the browser should be. The browser should be forgotten and not go in your way.
No flashing stuff, no annoyances, Fast & Quiet.

- Play Store link: - Play Protect certified

There are no search engines baked-in except Google (simply because it's the most popular) and you don't need me to add one.
If you want to add a search engine, just go on the search engine website, then the search engine will appear by itself in settings.

* Speed improvements
I've added lot of crazy hacks inside WebKit (Blink) to get it running faster.

* Background play for YouTube and other websites

* Cookie acceptance
Automatically accepts lots of "Please this is GDPR, and cookie, and blablabla" messages.
It's not perfect yet, as many websites have added GDPR messages lately.

* Import / export bookmarks

* Notifications blocker
Blocks notifications.

* Cryptojacking blocker
Saving battery and prevents phone from heating.
Try it on (you can re-enable cryptomining in chrome://flags if you really like it for some reason )

* Popup-blocker
This is not the usual popup blocker, there is an heuristic inside to browser to determine whether the new window should be opened or not.

* Adblock & Tracking protection
The browser offers much better privacy protection than Chrome and Brave. It blocks also lot of ads. Not really because ads are bad, but mostly to make the browsing fast.

If you are really worried about privacy or tracking, I can recommend you the excellent Bromite by @csagan

* Night mode

* Android 4.1+ support for both ARM and X86

What is removed:
* Chrome Sync
First, Google doesn't allow Chrome Sync to be used by third-party browser.
Second, Google Sync sends your full history, bookmarks and passwords to servers which is totally not cool.

* Data Saver
Google doesn't allow to use their platform.
I'm working on a Turbo mode, but I'm not sure when it'll go out.

Version Deneb (ARM) on 05.23.2019


48.0 MB


A new version is available

Version Deneb (May 23, 2019):
This version includes very significant performance improvements (especially when scrolling, pinching, zooming) and minor fixes.

On some older devices the difference can be very visible.

Next steps: Fixing unloading extensions and adding sync


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