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Online bulk SMS/group SMS solution on your desktop web browsers through your phone and virtual SMS vendor.
Send and receive SMS text messages on your desktop Windows/Mac/Linux with web browsers, such as Chrome/FireFox/Safari, through your Android phone and virtual Online SMS provider. Move your native SMS application of Android phone to desktop web browsers for convenient reading and writing. Supports Group SMS/Bulk SMS through your mobile phone and/or virtual online SMS vendors in very cheap price.

After installing this app, just visit to pair it with your web browser. No need to install desktop application on your Windows/Mac/Linux, etc,.

Online Android SMS Tool for manipulating SMS on your Android phone and online SMS service.

a. Android SMS
Sending and reading your Android phone's text message on your lovely Chrome, Firefox, Safari browser, not leaving your working computer. Get text message notification on your computer, without checking your Android phone.

b. Online SMS
Sending group text messages to your friends through online SMS service, not from your own mobile phone easily and cheaply. Save your phone's battery and not reveal your own mobile number.

c. Scheduled SMS
Manage your group contacts and type your text message on your large keyboard freely. You can even assign the delivery date time in future to make your group sms effectively.

Versatile Android text message tool to manipulate your text on your lovely computer web browser on any devices.

f1. Link client app installed on your Android phone links your Android text messages with your lovely web browsers on any devices.

f2. Online SMS
Online SMS service is cheap and convenient to your global audiences, even your Android phone is powered off. Hide your mobile phone number and avoid mobile vendor blacklist.

f3. Scheduled SMS
Prepare your group sms in advance and then service will help you to send them out in desired date time through your Android phone or Online SMS service.

f4. Notification
Get notification on your desktop Windows/Mac Book/Linux about new text/SMS message from your friend, without checking your phone in your bag.

f5. Synchronous
Sync with your Android phone to get full text messages online; Sync your Google Contacts easily; All messages are saved online safely and you can check at home and in your office freely, even your phone is not on hand.

f6. Multi-Platforms: Windows/Linux/Mac OS and NO need to install desktop application
Access your Android phone's text messages from popular Chrome, Firefox, Safari browsers on different platforms, such as Windows, MacOS, Linux, Pads, etc.,.

Download from XDA Labs here or Google Play:
Web Application Portal
Then, Go to and click [Web Application] button to enjoy the web online SMS services with this application.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:
Read terms of use:
Read privacy policy here:
You will be prompted to confirm the above privacy policy when log in in this Client App on your phone.

Version 19.20190518 on 05.18.2019


3.7 MB

Version 19.20190518: Fix minor bugs and improve stability.

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  • by cissy.xiaoman on 05.03.2019
    Impressive and smart designing SMS application. It is an useful and convenient tool to connect my Android phone with my Chrome browser. I love to read and reply SMS on my large keyboard now!