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According to researches, people's vision has deteriorated by 35% since 1997. Ophthalmologists associate this with the daily use of smartphones. One of the reasons is that we keep our devices too close to our eyes. Nixie is here to correct this sad statistic.

• Eye protection:
Nixie will teach your child to use a smartphone or tablet on safe distanse for the eyes without parental control. This habit will keep your child’s vision clear longer.

• Configure alerts:
No one knows your child better than you. And, although Nixie offers a warning message by default, you can change it. A little hint: nothing compares to the strict face of mom or dad - take a strict selfie and create a signature.

• PIN lock:
Your child understands gadgets better than you can imagine. Set your own pin-code on Nixie so that your baby cannot change the application settings.

Parental control in the form of Nixie, protects not only children's eyes, but also parental nerves.

Please, note, that our application has trial period 3 days. After this trial, you will have only 40 minutes for a day.
You can purchase 1-month license for USD 0.99 or 1-year license for USD 9.99

Version 1.0.81 on 02.14.2019


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  • by Cloudway on 04.25.2019
    The theorie behind this App is good and its executed not too bad but not good enought to be used. The Eye detection ist too slow so you never know where to hold the phone without accidentally moving the phone to close. The Code Function is pretty useless because disableing camera permission in settings makes the app useless and you can do it without entering any code. Also your child could just put tape above the camera or hold the phone in a constant 15-30 degree angle and the camera wouldn’t detect anything

  • by phanimitra vadlamani on 01.18.2019
    Good.....if u or ur relative watch mobiles so closely that those eyes can pop out.....then this is for u.....good one....most of the times its not does it work?????proximity sensor????