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Download or stream in background (in alpha release) your favorite YouTube music and HD videos, from 144p to 4K.

GetTube is YouTube downloader that let you download videos from YouTube in any quality ranging from 144p to 4K.
It has multithread downloader to offer fastest speed possible. Hassle-free pause or resume videos anytime. Lost connection? The downloader will wait for connection and will resume then downloader without any user interaction.

* Stream music videos in background.
* Play YouTube Mix or private (when logged in) playlists in background.
* Video player: Bandwidth Adaptive video streaming using Exo Player.
* Video player: Supports Picture-in-Picture (Android Oreo 8+).
* Video player: Supports gesture controls.
* Video player: Supports playing live events.
* Supports downloading complete playlist (including Watch Later and private ones).
* Supports downloading ALL resolutions including 1080p, 1440p and 4K
* Supports downloading Audio Only [in AAC (M4A), Vorbis, or Opus format] in ALL bitrates
* Supports downloading subtitles for the videos
* Supports downloading age restricted videos (requires login in in-app browser)
* Supports downloading video in VP9 codec/WebM Format (Enable in Settings)
* Supports downloading 50fps, 60fps, HDR, 360˚ videos
* GetTube offers advanced fast download mode (multi-threading download) for maximum speeds
* Option to select audio quality manually while downloading DASH videos.
* Option to Pause or Resume download at a single click
* Fast Download Mode (multi-thread downloading) has three modes: Classic, Smart (like IDM) and Pieces (like BitTorrent)

* Using in-built browser. Whenever you are on YouTube video or playlist webpage, you'll see floating download button on bottom-right corner. Press it and select download option. Select any resolution you want to download. You can also play video or audio in the background using same floating button.
* Alternatively, if you are in official YouTube app, you can press share, and select GetTube from the list, you will land on the same webpage. Press floating download button from there.

Version 0.9.4 on 02.14.2020


10.3 MB

* fixed link extraction errors for most of the videos
* improvements to mark videos as watched on downloading when user is logged in
* other youtube parser improvements


Version 0.9-beta2 on 02.17.2019


10.2 MB

* ui: download list item: make icons fixed sizes, overflow icon smaller than toolbar
* search fragment: reset data before loading new one
* add support for dash and mp3 muxing on external sd card (through saf)


Version 0.9-alpha6.1 on 02.02.2019


6.4 MB

* improve new dash video download size estimation
* improve thumbnail scaling and reloading in notification bar
* fix issues when toolbar menus and search bar disappear
* improve app tasks navigation (when other apps are opened through this app e.g. playback)
* add support for searching youtube from native ui
* improve strings
* add support for receiving in-app update when in alpha/beta release channel
* improve shadows for view for android lower than lollipop
* crash fix: when memory if full for notification update
* browser toolbar: snap toolbar when scrolled (the toolbar doesn't stop mid-way)
* improved smooth scrolling in downloads list
* improved circular progress bar on android lower than lollipop
* improved bottom sheet player's view initialization
* make bottom sheet player bar hideable

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