Floating Volume

by Adam Myczkowski

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Floating Volume is a simple open source Android 5.0+ app that allows you to control media, ringer, alarm and in-call volume, and switch between ringer modes within the floating interface.

Main features:
* Themes: Default, Dark and Custom - choose between a range of predefined colors
* Save last position of floating interface (head and volume interface positions are independent)
*Start/stop service directly from quick settings tile
* Volume control interface can be movable or fixed
* Show and hide dialog controls
* Choose between 3 different dialog styles
* Change icon opacity

Bug reports and feature requests welcome!

For bug reports please create an issue under project's github repository.


Project website: https://myczkowskiadam.github.io/FloatingVolume/

Version 1.2.1 on 12.27.2018


2.9 MB

- Allow to disable ringer mode changer (targeted at Android Go as this feature is unavailable)
- Close volume dialog automatically after set period of time
- Allow to change size of the floating icon


Version 1.0.9 beta on 06.05.2018


4.2 MB

- Reworked themes - now Default, Dark and Custom - choose from a range of predefined colours.
- Touch the image next to volume bar to mute and unmute given stream.
- Add notification seekbar. NOTE: Unless your system supports ringer and notification as separate streams, value will be the same for both.
- Fix issue of vertical bars being transparent on < API25.
- Fix for devices running lollipop.
- Fix bug of service being killed after a while, now runs in foreground (you can disable the notification in settings).

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  • by edisonrobles on 01.12.2019
    Prático ... mas tem bug - com ele rodando não consigo instalar app ele bloqueia o touch do lado inferior direito

  • by Adb_debug on 12.07.2018
    works great! just what I was looking for! it allows me to quickly change the volume when a video opens blasting at night when everyone's sleeping. Definitely 5 stars.

  • by Jodła71 on 06.16.2018

  • by baptiste0928 on 05.11.2018
    Good app !

  • by Qutayba Khader on 04.29.2018
    The bubble is not touchable on my (oneplus 3 android 6) Still not touchable ( 1.0.5 beta, 6) - (oneplus 3 android 6)

  • by saddam.k on 12.28.2018
    Silent toggle mode not working

  • by Intelli69 on 05.09.2018
    Love it! Works perfectly on my rooted snapdragon S8!

  • by Vipxpert on 12.30.2018
    Perfect ! :D

  • by Goutham Ganesh on 04.26.2018
    works as expected on 5T OpenBeta 7

  • by PaulMr.T on 12.09.2018
    Since move from Pixel XL where coupe use Volume Slider App which could be made invisible, which is not available for P20 Pro I have struggled to find an app to replace, my current app would keep stopping so to have moved from XDA app to Labs version I am so glad to have found your app, it's pretty damn perfect, 5 🌟